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For sale & wanted

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Got spares you want rid of? Even a full car? Send me an e-mail with the details and we'll feature it here. 



For Sale


Ian the webmaster has the following 57 bits for sale, e me and make an offer


 carb kit part used i believe, bonnet v ok condition, ring around bonnet emblem, nos carb needs clean & kit, dash ally panel pitted but ok, chrome strips x 3, one front bumper overrider, steering column, halo mirror, pitted but usable


Dear Ian   My husband found this in the outback country Australia.Would you be able to tell me anything about it,we think it is off a pontiac.   Regards Carol.


1954 Pontiac Chieftain straight eight saloon ........ 89,000 miles from new
....engine rebuilt 12 months ago ......superb condition inside and out
.........only used for shows and weddings ......must be seen !

If anyone would like more info or pictures please advise






I have some stainless trim pieces for a '56 Star Chief 4-door Sedan (Serial no. L856H7621). I would like to offer them for sale. Can you recommend a way to place a value on this?
The parts are clean, very straight, no dents, just some abrasion from normal use which could be polished out. All steel mounting hardware is rusted away.
I have: Both hood "cascades", both rear fender side "spears" with three red inserts, complete front windshield molding, rear window top molding only, all door sill trim, both front door "swooshes", thin interior door strips, the fuel filler "guard", and a few more misc pieces.
Is $500 a reasonable asking price for the lot? I saw some ads where the seller was asking $50 for individual pieces. I would prefer to list it on your website instead of going through eBay.

Thank you for your advice,
Art Harvey
Albany, NY



Hi Ian just found your site and wanted to confirm the speedometer I would like to sell is a 1954 Pontiac Star Chief,  if so would I be best to put it on Ebay or do you have buyers for it.  See the attached photos all the connections are there except the thermostat,  chrome in fair to good condition and the black inner part of the chrome needs some work.  I live in British Columbia, Canada.  Have been trying to find out what make this was for a long time.  Any help would be appreciated.
Alice Lee  




Dear Ian
  Here is the best photo I could find of my family's old Pontiac.  I am uncertain of the year.  Do you think this photo will help us identify the model and year of the car?  If we need front end details I can try to find other photos.  But most of the other slides I found did not have enough front end in the photo, to be of use.
    This photo was developed from a slide my mom had.
I hope it will be of help in identifying the car.


I stumbled across your site today and would like to offer up my 1956
Pontiac Starchief 4-door hardtop for sale.  The car is pretty rough.  It was
my first car in 1979 and has sat since at least 1982.  Has all of the glass
still intact and the trim is there.  It has a 31? V8 that was running when
parked.  Hood blew off at highway speed and slightly damaged the roof but is
very repairable.  Floor pans are toast.  It is in Western North Carolina and
I can take and e-mail some picture if there is any interest.  Make any
offer - I would like to see someone make use of this car before I am forced
by local regulation changes to have it crushed (weeping at the thought).
Please respond to email at I knew the original owner and
the car has been in my family since he sold it to us in the late seventies.
It has less that 100,000 miles on it, but that shouldn't be the
consideration as there is much more considerable work to be done.

Best Regards,

Marty Davis


A 51 being broken here in the UK, contact Simon for more details



I have recently broken a 51 for spares for my 54,however,there are items and parts that I do not need or cannot use. These include almost complete good chrome
and stainless trim, including interior chrome /stainless strips, complete dash, wheels, hubcaps, starter, generator, brand new reg box, all 6 volt, rear light lenses, and surrounds and a complete and running st8 engine and gearbox

my number is ( UK )01530 813540,  kind regards Dale Murphy.


29NR6.jpg (51908 bytes)  29NR9.jpg (41330 bytes)  29RADMASCOT.jpg (19745 bytes) 


1929 Pontiac Six-wheel coupe
Price $9000/offer
All original interior in good condition but not mint after all these years it shows wear.
Following items have been rechromed:  hubcaps, headlamp rims, running lamp rims,  side mount hardware, radiator mascot, crank hole cover
Items to be rechromed:  radiator shell, bumpers, bumper emblems
Believe it was repainted sometime in the 1950's, body is solid and all wood is solid
Deluxe wire wheels
It has a rack on the back with the old time trunk mounted on the rack
Included with the car but not installed:  reproduction running board covers, running board mouldings and reproduction bumper emblems
The front window does not wind-up (1929 air conditioning system) and the winding mechanism is with the car but not installed (I am not sure if all the parts are there or not)
The odometer shows around  50K miles and based on the condition I believe the mileage may be correct. I have owned it 20yrs and it has been stored inside all its life thus the great condition.
It runs good. Sometime during its life the block was cracked and repaired. The water pump leaks and needs to be repacked with graphite string.  It comes with another engine (with a good block) and transmission.
The car is stored at my garage in Pennsylvania.

That is about all I can think of ... it is a darn nice old Pontiac, I just have too many cars and one has to go.  




I am interested in purchasing a 1957 Pontiac  convertible  in unrestored condition and priced fairly. Please advise if available.
                                              Dick Darr  at 1-781-826- 3262 or 1-800-543-3673.


I am in need of for my 1950 Pontiac the red centre section emblem for the grill of the car as well as any NOS grill or front bumper parts.  I am also hunting a nice repro or original mat for the trunk of the car.  The car is a 2-DR fastback.  Any help is appreciated 

Matt Gibbons
Rockford, Illinois


I am a 27 year old Pontiac owner, who has been looking for an Edmunds multi-carb manifold for over two years.  I own a 1950 Pontiac Chieftain 2 door sedan.  I chopped this car 3 inches in the front pillars and 4 and a quarter in the rear sail panels. The B-pillars have been slanted forward to give the car a very streamlined effect.  I'm going straight nostalgia on this car.  This is the reason I've been searching for this intake.  I already have the Edmunds finned aluminium head (the so-called hard thing to find).  If anyone out there knows of anyone with an intake for an 268.2 straight 8 flathead, please contact me.


 This isn't much to put on a Web site but it would sure help me out.  I am restoring a 55 Starchief Convertible and need a Top Switch.  I bought this vehicle completely disassembled and I do mean completely.  There wasn't a screw, piece of rubber, moulding, glass, or wire that was still attached.  There were many boxes.  The body is ready for paint and in fact the trunk and hood are already painted with the fenders soon to follow.  I am trying to get together everything I will need to put this beautiful vehicle back on the road just like it came from the factory and I do not have a Top Switch.  I have called everyone in Hemmings who handles switches and I have searched E-bay and other sites to no avail.  Maybe someone out there has one for sale or knows someone.  I know that the same switch was used on Chevrolet for 55 and 56.  I called Danchuck in California and they said they had been looking for some time for a manufacturer to start making them but hadn't been successful.  So does anyone out there in the whole wide world have or know of someone with a Top Switch for sale?
  Regards, Chuck Conway

contact Ian with any info...



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