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A new page featuring cars under restoration, be it light or a full blown frame off, send me your pictures and a brief write up.

Joe from Howell, New Jersey here. Here are some pictures of my 1955 Pontiac Chieftain that my son found and talked me into buying. Being I have restored may Chevy's including 3 55's my son said I needed a change (he said It's still a GM product).


this car was spotted by Col our Irish member, beyond saving he believed....




Its mystery time folks, I found these pictures and they're entitled Mike's car, could I have a write up and some info please?

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My wife and I found this 57 Chieftain the first week of July. The car has been sitting in a garage since 1973. We got it as the result of an estate sale. It's a '57 Chieftain with such options as dealer installed AC, power steering, one color paint (EEE, which is in dire need of repainting), full flow oil filter and oil bath air cleaner. In addition the car is equipped with a class 3 hitch
and an electric brake set up for towing a caravan. (My wife and I hope to get a fifties style camper when the car is done). Although the engine doesn't turn, the car is complete and original with just over 73,000 miles. We are excited about beginning the restoration process. As my wife's first car back in the sixties was a 57 Starchief, she is just as excited as I am.
Thanks for you interest------I'll keep you posted on our progress.

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