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A new page, this will feature pictures and write ups from shows around the world.....

    Our Chapter put on their annual Pontiac show this past weekend, and I took lots of images with both Sony's.  Being a plain-jane sedan kinda guy, there was a "new" 57 that I'd never seen before, so I clicked away.  Thought you might enjoy the images...
     Also, I believe you were asking about dual exhausts.  I recently had mine redone in stainless on "Early Chief", my '56 Bonneville Racer.   As you can see, matching, free-flowing 2 1/4" headpipes are no problem for a competent muffler/machine shop with a CNC bender.  One just describes the heater and the frame, then inputs measurements in inches.  With
that information, the bender's on-board Power PC figures out how to make a headpipe that snakes past everything without any interference
pontiac-1950s Co-Facilitator




From Rick Gonser, pictures of the Tustin show. Here's some images for your website.  Three of them are pictures of "Pontiac Moon", a blown 454 LS-7 Chevy powered 51 Hardtop. The other three were taken with Bruce Fulper and his Rock & Roll Eng'g Ventura II.  Finally, there was one '57, that I thought you'd like. Note the personalized California plate on the dash, next to the windshield card:

Kindly sent by J.A. Lawrence more pictures of the Tustin show.

From ALL PONTIAC DAY in Triengen, Switzerland thanks to Armon Herman for these.

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