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Assembled at the Michigan Assembly Plant in the 2nd week of March 1957, this car was the 17,734 off the line out of a production run of 44,283. It spent its early years in Sulphur Oklahoma before arriving in the U.K. in October 1989. 

    The car had suffered quite a bit when we got it, previous owners had destroyed the leather upholstery replacing it with vinyl , a 1975 455 cu in (7.5 litre) trans-am engine had been literally thrown in the car, fouling the steering as well as a Mickey Mouse mounting system.

    Since I got the car I've replaced the wiring, rear springs, overhauled the front suspension, fabricated decent engine mounts and generally tried to right all the wrongs. Hopefully soon I'll take her off the road for a full body off clean up. As you can see I finally got her on the strip, suffering massive traction problems on skinny, hard tyres she managed a 10.45 @70mph 1/8th mile, not bad for an old 'un.

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